A fast and fun card game where YOU play as the killer!

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A light Horror-Themed card game for 2-4 Players.

Bid on victims. Play your hand to catch, scare, and Kill. Rack up the body count to earn slasher glory!

About the Cards

Choose a killer that best suits your own morbid personality! Each killer has a deck themed around them, and all of the weird and wonderful ways they catch, scare, and kill their victims.

You will be hunting victims that include some of you favorite tropes from slasher film pasts, such as cheerleaders and camp counselors. Each have a different values of victory points, so bid carefully!

Each Killer's deck contains Catch, Scare, and Kill cards that fit with the killers 'unique' personalities. Different cards have different values as well to make it easier or harder to kill your victims.

At the end of each turn, you may have some leftover cards. You may choose to buy a card from the Creep Shop, which includes fun ways to mess with your opponent, or other unique weapons.


3 Simple Phases to Serial Thriller

Bid on Victims

Use up to two cards from your hand to outbid your oppenents for victims with the most value.

Plan Your Kill

Use cards remaining in your hand to "Catch, Scare, and Kill" your chosen victim.

Finish the Job

Once you have a complete set attached to a victim, you may now roll two dice to finish the job!